vBulletin Upgrade – Navigation Manager – Page Not Found

vBulletin is worst when it comes to upgrade. It involves a lot of manual work and things always go wrong.

I upgraded vBulletin forum to 4.2.0 from 4.1.8 and Navigation Manager was messed up.

When you click on Navigation Manager it shows Page Not Found.

vBulletin - Navigation Manager - Page Not Found
vBulletin – Navigation Manager – Page Not Found

I checked the database and I could see navigation table. So it seems database has it but for some reason it doesn’t show up.

A quick Google search couldn’t show any clear cut solution.

The Solution

The next step was to re-upload all files and run the upgrade again. This still didn’t solve the issue.

I still can see the navigation table in database.

Then I decided to check the folder structure and while doing so I found the problem.

I had renamed the admin folders for security reasons and that is why the upgraded version couldn’t take the correct folder.

I fixed the folders and it worked.


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