Intel CS330 Webcam Driver for Windows 7

I had an age old Intel CS330 Webcam which I wanted to revive. so I took out it from the box, connected to the laptop only to find out that Windows 7 doesn’t have a driver for Intel CS330.

Intel CS330 Webcam
Intel CS330 Webcam

I did some search to find driver but no avail. To my surprise Intel has stopped manufacturing webcams and also doesn’t provide any support or drivers.

So to sum up Intel CS330 Webcam Driver for Windows 7 doesn’t exist.

There are many driver scan utilities which you see on various forums but all of them are useless in this case as driver doesn’t exist. So don’t waste time in installing driver search utilities only to find out that there is not driver.


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    I have waist-ed my great time, thanks for nice information, Best of Luck,,,
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