WordPress 3.2 Admin Menu Doesn’t Show

Good news is that WordPress 3.2 is released today. Bad news is that get ready for chaos.

Before you upgrade your WordPress blog to latest 3.2 version make sure to check your server environment.

WordPress 3.2 Requirements

WordPress 3.2 needs PHP 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0 or greater.

Luckily I had already PHP 5.0+ and MySQL 5.0+ so I didn’t have to worry about PHP and MySQL upgrade which is a tedious task.

First I tested WordPress 3.2 upgrade on a not so popular blog and upgrade went through very well.

Next I tried this blog to WordPress 3.2 and it also went through well but after returning to Admin I see that Admin left column has disappeared.

WordPress 3.2 Upgrade - Admin Menu Doesn't show
WordPress 3.2 Upgrade – Admin Menu Doesn’t show

First I thought it might be cache stuff but cleaning cache didn’t work.

Then I thought it might have been browser issue so I checked on other browsers and still same problem.

While I solve this problem I decided to write about it so that anyone having similar issues might be benefited.

I’m yet to find a solution, keep tuned.

Ok I’ve narrowed down the problem to some plugins as I expected.

First I disabled all plugins, and enabled them one by one to narrow down in the problematic plugins.

Since you can’t see the left menu you might be wondering how to go to Admin plugin page. To go to Plugin page add /wp-admin/plugins.php after your blog url and you will be on plugins page.

From here click on the top checkbox to select all plugins and select Deactivate to deactivate all plugins.

The problematic plugin is WP Insert.

I use WP Insert plugin on a lot of website to insert adverts in the middle of post and this is the best plugin for this purpose. Let’s see when WP Insert plugin developers release an upgrade for WorPress 3.2.

The Solution

Here is the ultimate solution

Upgrade the plugin

Hit CTRL+F5 in Chrome/Firefox/IE to refresh the page. If it doesn’t work one time then press CTRL key and keep hitting F5 several time.

If CTRL+F5 doesn’t help then clean browser cache and WordPress 3.2 Admin Menu will be back again.


7 responses to “WordPress 3.2 Admin Menu Doesn’t Show”

  1. Hey, Ajay

    To reactivate the plugin and make it look the way it should:
    wp-content/plugins/wp-insert/css/adminStyle.css – comment or bust down the styles for #adminmenu and #wpbody.

    This is a partial fix however, because if you go to the plugin config page you will see the footer overlapping content and sort of other bad stuff.

    1. Are you sure there are #adminmenu and #wpbody in wp-content/plugins/wp-insert/css/adminStyle.css ?
      I can’t find it?

  2. ketamynx Avatar

    Yes but NVM; there’s an update to WP-Insert that solved this problem. :)


    1. Updating WP Insert doesn’t solve the problem. I already updated this plugin before I faced the problem.

      The solution is to clean the browser cache as well which works.

  3. ketamynx Avatar

    Haha, yes that’s also true because the CSS issue still remains in the browser cache.

  4. Steven Avatar

    I am having the same exact problem. Thank you soooo much for the help!

  5. Andrie Avatar

    Thanks, you guys complete discussion of the problems that I face is the same with ajay, is a step that I apply my Wp-Insert Update and Delete all of the plugins W3 Total Cache Cache, and the result was perfect!
    Back again like the one the admin menu.


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