WordPress Page Format Problem

I quite often face this strange WordPress page/post formatting problem. Today I encountered it on this Comedy Movies blog.

Firstly I upgraded to WordPress 3.1.3 and then when checked the page I saw it has formatting issues. See image below how it looked.

WordPress Page Format Issue
WordPress Page Format Issue

The problem lies with the CSS being distorted by WP Minify plugin. WP Minify minifies CSS, Javascript and HTML in WordPress and is always recommended to use for better performance. Quite often WP Minify doesn’t work and it distorts Page or post.

The problem might be with the theme code. So before you disable WP Minify try to debug the theme code first.

To do so grab the source code of the distorted page and paste in Dreamweaver. Then check for any missing DIV or any other problem with closing tag. In some case I find that closing DIV tag is missing.

If above doesn’t solve the problem then disable the CSS Minify option from WP Minify Admin control panel.

WP Minify Options
WP Minify Options

After changing settings you will have to clean Cache if you are using any Cache plugin.

If disabling CSS doesn’t solve the problem then disable HTML minify and Javascript minify option as well and see if it solves the issue.

If nothing works then the problem is with your page template file.


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