Xerox WorkCenter 6605 – Scan To SMB Error – Invalid SMB Share Name Specified

I was trying to configure network scanning on a brand new Xerox WorkCenter 6605 network printer. I managed to specify the SMB details via printer’s web interface but despite hours of playing with different configuration settings I was unable to get the network scan working.

Here is the Error

Error No. 031-523
Scan To SMB Error – Invalid SMB Share Name Specified.
Please Check the SMB Server settings and confirm the Share name or contact your System Administrator.

Scan to SMB Error
Scan to SMB Error

I spent about 3 hours in trying with different values and combination for “Login Name (if required by host):“, “Name of Shared Directory:” and “Subdirectory Path (optional):” but none of these combinations worked.

I contacted Xerox support which was picked up by a girl in Philippines. While still on phone with her and trying to play around with the values I managed to get it working with the following settings:

Xerox WorkCenter 6605 SMB Scan Settings
Xerox WorkCenter 6605 SMB Scan Settings

This setting will give you a path which you can enter in Windows Explorer and able to see the folder.
In my case if I copy \\\Users Share\Scanned Documents and pasted in windows explorer I’m able to see the folder’s content.

So the trick here is to first identify your host by IP address, then find a top level folder and finally a sub folder (optional).

Avoid entering any forward or backward slashes in any of these two folder paths.

The biggest pain was figuring out the login name. After some search I found confusing answers. In one Xerox forum posts it was mentioned to specify DOMAIN/username and on a Microsoft support page they mentioned DOMAIN\username – pay attention to the backward and forward slashes. For me it’s just the username worked.

Once I figured that out the next problem was finding the path for folders. I was making mistakes in adding slashes before the folder names which is not required.

And as you might have already guessed it is a Windows Network (Windows 2003 to be precise).

Here is the visuals of the shared scanned folder and how to map it to the Xerox WorkCenter 6605 SMB scan settings.

Xerox WorkCenter 6605, Scan To SMB Error, Invalid SMB Share Name Specified,031-523,Xerox WorkCenter 6605 SMB scan settings vs Network path
Xerox WorkCenter 6605, Scan To SMB Error, Invalid SMB Share Name Specified,031-523,Xerox WorkCenter 6605 SMB scan settings vs Network path


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  1. You saved my hours of time Ajay.

    I just bought Xerox WorkCenter 6605 for my office and hit the same error. Luckily I searched for the error Scan To SMB Error Invalid SMB Share Name Specified and found only one post in the result result which was yours.

    Lucky me I didn’t have to deal with Filipino support girl :) I know how horrible they could be in providing technical support.

    1. I wish someone else had posted solution before I did, it would have saved my hours of time.

      Filipino girls are not too horrible, you just need to be patient with them, explain problem slowly and they will do keyword matching to find out solution.

      I almost slammed the phone while explaining her to provide me the exact settings. I hung up and few minutes later she called me and provided me with an e-mail address. I sent some screenshots of the problem and also gave her visuals on what exactly I need. While she was reading my e-mails I had Eureka moment and found the solution.

  2. Lenny C. Avatar
    Lenny C.

    I am having the same problem. my issue is that I cannot find a folder that begins with the IP address. I have created a folder so that I can save my scans (\PEERSERVER2FilesSharedPrinter Scans) but am not certain what information (other than the IP address) that I need to plug in.

    My computing knowledge is not tremendous, so lay mans terms would be best!! thanks already!!

    1. IP address is not the folder but the IP address of the file server (or PC) where you intend to save the scanned document.

      You have already mentioned the shared folder path which if I deciphered correctly would be something like this

      \PEERSERVER2\FilesShared\Printer Scans

      It looks like your shared filer server (or PC) is labelled with PEERSERVER2.

      All you need to do is to find out the IP address of PC labelled with PEERSERVER2.

      If you are in the office then ask your IT guy to provide you the IP address of above.

      If you have configured it at home and your own PC or other PC serves as file server then just run the command window.
      You can run command window by hitting Window key + R and typing cmd, it will pop up command window.
      Type following command


      It will show IP address, that’s the IP Address you have to enter. It will show IP Address something like

      That’s the IP address we are after.

  3. Lenny C. Avatar
    Lenny C.

    OK, so I did what you said and made it a little further. The printer was “processing” for much longer than previously, however, it still came back with the same issue.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Name (Displayed on Printer): Printer Scans
    Server Type: Computer (SMB)
    Host Address (IP Address or DNS Name):
    Port Number: 139
    Login Name (if required by host):
    Login Password:
    Re-enter Password:
    Name of Shared Directory: PEERSERVER2
    Subdirectory Path (optional): Printer Scans

    The folder that I am trying to put my scans in is:

    \PEERSERVER2FilesSharedPrinter Scans

    hopefully this is all you’re going to need to help me finish this up. I want to thank you for your promptness so far. I’m trying to do this for my boss.

    1. Try this, keep the rest of settings as such,

      Name of Shared Directory: Files
      Subdirectory Path (optional): Shared\Printer Scans

  4. Thanks for the post, saved me hours as well. Worked perfectly.

  5. I am just wondering if anyone of you had a problem once you upgrade from Win7 to 10. That’s what I am struggling now.

  6. James Avatar

    You can’t use an IP address as the host if the computer is on DHCP.

    1. Incorrect – You can as the computer is not the host, the printer is. Ensure the printer is set STATIC. Even if the printer is set to DHCP, it will still work via IP, but there is the potential for the IP to change if the printer is rebooted, hence, it will break the SMB connection when the IP changes. Always best to ensure the printer is using a STATIC IP address

  7. Thank you! You saved me so much time!

  8. Life saver! Worked first time :D

    Thanks Ajay!

  9. Thanks for the post Ajay – I had the exact same issue and your solution worked perfectly. Sadly, the most simple of configuration exercises are never explained well, if at all. The screenshot you provided was a big help, too. The destination for my user was down a few extra levels, so I did have to use a few backslashes, but they worked fine. I tend to try and keep extra spaces out of my folder names, I wonder if that would cause issues [not going to try… it’s working now! :) ]

  10. Fred Roven Avatar

    I have spent hours on my own and hours with Xerox and still unable to scan to folder. This just occurs on one workstation and it is a workstation where we changed the user. The settings appear identical to other workstations. Ajay-if no suggestions, are you available for one-on-one support? I did notice the suggested port number is different-all other addresses suggest 139 and the settings in question suggest 21.

    1. Fred, it was like 5 years ago, world has changed since then. I’ve moved on and I’ll be anything but useless in sorting out this issue right now. You have few options. Try googling more. Experiment with settings yourself. If nothing works then last resort will be to pick up phone and contact Xerox support. Good luck :)

      1. Fred Roven Avatar

        Thanks Ajay. Xerox gave up after an hour or so.

        1. Lol, what a bunch of useless people.

  11. Shinji Ohfuji Avatar
    Shinji Ohfuji

    I have a Xerox WorkCentre 6605. By mistake I deleted a scans file so restored it, however, when I tried to scan a file, a message appeared and said SMB Error 031-525.
    How can I reset to make it scan again?
    Please assist me. Xerox is closed today till Monday.
    Thank you. Shinji Ohfuji

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