AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System)

FACH (Forward Access Channel)

Transport Channel (DL)

  • Carries control information to UEs within a cell
  • Carry small amount of packet data
  • No power control
  • Can have several FACHs. But the primary one must have low data rate in order to be received by all terminals.
  • In-band signaling is needed to inform for which user the data was intended.

FP (Framing Protocol)

Framing protocol (FP) is a user plane protocol which operates on Iur and Iub interfaces and provides synchronization function between higher-layer radio access protocols.

HSDPA (High Speed Packet Downlink Access)

A dream beyond dream. HSDPA is also called 3.5G. Why 3.5G? Well the theory is that HSDPA doesn’t utilizes its ful potential. HSDPA offers 1.8 Mbit/s to 14.4 Mbit/s data rate in downlink direction.

Kasumi Algorithm

Ciphering algorithm used in UMTS. A replacement for A5.

KASUMI is a block ciphering algorithm that uses a 128 bit key and generates a 64 bit output stream from a 64 bit input stream.

NBAP (Node B Application Part)

Signalling protocol used by RNC to control Node B.

Processing Gain

Ratio of Chip rate and Symbol Rate

RSSI – Received Signal Strength Indicator

Softer Handover – Happens when a mobile station moves from once sector to another within same cell.



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