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And the breaking news ( yawn! already old) is that Google is going to unleash it’s news (sic) social media horse (or donkey) called Google +1. Google +1 is another copied idea which is bound to fail. It seems if you got more money your brain stops working ;)

Google has also told it’s employees to make Google’s Social strategy successful or loose bonus. LOL!

What is Google +1?

Google +1 add a small +1 icon next to the search result. You can click on this +1 to tell Google that you +1ed the search result.

What is disaster

Google +1 like another Google’s failed social initiative Google Buzz is behind login. It appears only when you are logged in. So effectively you are telling Google that you +1ed the search result and not to the social sphere. And in effect you are giving a lot to Google than just +1, just think about it.


Google +1 is not even worth writing a post about. Let alone trying. I never tried it and will never try it. I’m hunting for a Burry button for Google +1. 

It is still in experimental stages. Better stay away from such crap Google initiative and don’t waste your time.


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  1. Wedding Photographer Avatar
    Wedding Photographer

    Yip. Implemented it on my site. I am no expert but the fact you need a gmail account is’t a good thing. I want ppl to plus one my site but I have to admit I would never click that button if I saw it on another

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