How To Add Delicious Counter Button To WordPress

Delicious Counter Button for WordPress
Delicious Counter Button for WordPress

I’m liking delicious in it’s new avatar since it was sold to the founders of YouTube.

I’ve resisted not to use delicious counter button on any of my blogs as I was waiting to see the new changes. Now time has come to use delicious counter button again for good.

Delicious has introduced many new changes. It has introduced concept of Stack which is nothing but a way to group various links.

Delicious counter button is little bit tricky but I’ll keep it simple.

In order to add Delicious counter button to WordPress you need to add 2 pieces of codes in header and single template files as described below.

Add the following code in header.php file

[sourcecode]<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Add following code in single.php file

[sourcecode]<a class=’delicious-button’ href=’’>
<!– {
url:"<?php the_permalink() ?>"
,title:"<?php the_title(); ?>"
} –>
Save on Delicious

Above code will not work on category.php. I’ll update this code to make it work on Category pages later.

You can see a live implementation of Delicious counter button on Bollywood blog.


4 responses to “How To Add Delicious Counter Button To WordPress”

  1. Is there a way to specify thumbnail image in the code?

    1. It might not be possible as you don’t see any thumbnail while submitting any link to Delicious. This is one of the feature which I think Delicious must add immediately. A picture is worth thousand words, said some wise man…

  2. Wallandar Avatar

    I copied above code but I see a wide button and not tall? Why it is so?

    1. You can remove following line from the code

      And it should work. By default the Delicious Counter Button code will show tall button.

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