WordPress.com Stats Plugin Error – Error from last API Key attempt

I just installed wordpress.com stats plugin on a new wordpress blog and got following error after entering the API Key

Wordpress.com Stats Plugin Error
Wordpress.com Stats Plugin Error

Error from last API Key attempt: Your blog was unable to connect to WordPress.com. Please ask your host for help. (transport error – HTTP status code was not 200)

I’m yet to resolve this issue. A quick Google search showed some possibilities but not solution.


This is a new blog and have never been claimed on WordPress.com so I don’t think the problem is related to already claimed blog. To verify this I logged into WordPress.com and tried to access Global Dashboard but that threw another error:

Wordpress.com Global Dashboard Error
Wordpress.com Global Dashboard Error

There was a small systems error. Please try refreshing the page and if the error is still there drop us a note and let us know.

I checked other WordPress blog and saw following error:

We’re experiencing some problems on WordPress.com and we are in read-only mode at the moment. We’re working hard on restoring full service as soon as possible, but you won’t be able to create or make changes to your site currently.

So it seems WordPress.com itself is screwed up at the moment. I’ll give it a try after sometimes.

just to confirm that everything is back to normal now. The problem was with WordPress.com itself. It seems ever night WordPress.com goes to sleep only to wake up next morning.


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  1. I’m having this same exact problem at the moment, Not only will it not let me add any new blogs to my wp.com account via wordpress.com stats plugin as it gives that same error but It is also giving me errors on some blogs that I had to disable all plugins on after reactivating them. Also I have a couple of wp.com accounts from when I first started and didn’t realize you could have all your blogs in one wp.com account and stupidly setup several in their own accounts which now I cannot add to my main wp.com account which I want as there seems to be no way of removing or transfering a linked blog in a wp.com account or closing those unwanted accounts. Somethings very wrong at wordpress.com

    1. It is messy affair. WordPress is not know for quality whether it is the script or their services.

      There is one trick which might help you out if you are using multiple account.

      Before entering API key make sure that you are not logged in with other account on WordPress.com. Sometimes when you are logged into wordpress.com and try to use API key with different account then it might create problem.

      I don’t see why you can’t have multiple accounts and multiple keys on WordPress.com. I also use multiple accounts and don’t see any problem with multiple accounts.

      The other biggest problem I face with wordpress.com is that even after accepting API key it doesn’t show any stats. I’ve no clue on this either.

      In the worst case dump WordPress.com and use any Google Analytics plugin.

      1. yeah I found out about the being logged into the wrong account the hard way which is how it all started with the wrong blogs in the wrong accounts. I found out how to add in another email address for a blog from this wp support post: http://en.support.wordpress.com/api-keys/

        BUT it threw a fit when I entered the email address and gave me a white page with a weird warning instead of going to the next steps..
        It did work though and added the blog to account I want it in however it should have had more steps to complete removing it from that account but the weird message ended the process so I will have to leave it there for now…

        As for stats I do find that most of my WP sites with the API all set up do give stats but not always and not all installs, I agree google analytics is the way to go for stats and of course use it but I need my sites in wordpress.com because of a few plugins that have to have the wordpress.com stats plugin installed and working. As for management I am actually using ManageWP.com for checking overall stats, comments and everything else which is like wordpress.com on steroids, one click core, theme and plugin upgrades is awesome as is automatic daily backups and cloning. When you have 30+ WP sites to look after its the only way to go..

        1. Yes I’ve seen that API tutorial.

          WordPress.com is so crap that I even don’t bother to login into account. If it was not the free script I wouldn’t be bothered with WordPress at all.

          Next time I login into the problematic blog I’ll check out how this WordPress.com API thingy works.

          You are lucky to have just 30+ blogs ;) I’ve at least 100 and keep growing with at least 1 per day. It becomes nightmare to manage them all.

          Tx for introducing ManageWP.com I see Vladimir Prelovac has struck again with something new. I’ve used some of his WordPress themes and plugins and found very useful. I’ll check it out lets see if it makes our lives any easier.

  2. Oh dude your life is about to change forever lol, you will love managewp.com ;)
    Be sure to group all your sites so you can do things in batches, I still can’t believe its all free, If he charged a monthly fee I would use it (but don’t tell him that)I’ve been waiting for the catch but nope its like a perfect dream you never wake up from.
    Yeah his “plugin-central” and “wp-quick-deploy” are awesome time savers too..

    if you use plugin-central just add the managewp-worker plugin to your plugins list and then you can add your new sites in as you build them.

    Also if you havnt heard of this then I am about to blow you freaking mind man, with that many sites and growing that fast you really should be using firefox with the free imacros plugin to automate stuff for you https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/imacros-for-firefox/ once installed you can create macros by just recording what you do in firefox and then save them as bookmarks. It takes a bit of trial and error to make the perfect macros but once you get the hang of it you can just hit a bookmark and it will do whatever you want. I have macros to log into WHM set up a domain, then go to cpanel, set up email accounts, then install wordpress, log into wordpress, configure basic settings, install plugin central, drop the list of plugins in, activate them then log into manage wp and add the site. All that takes like 2 minutes lol.. You can even have it load up and run macros with in multiple tabs, Ive successfully run 13 “not too intense macros on 15 tabs”. IF you can do it in your browser you can make a macro for it so you never have to manually do it again. You can save all your macros as bookmarks. its just too cool…

    If you want me to give you a hand with it leave a comment on my blog which is in the link of this comment, its one I don’t work on and should so leaving me a comment there and making me reply there will motivate me lol, let me know what you would like a macro to do and I can send you a template file for you to load up and have a look at, even make a screen capture walkthu for you if you want of some of my macros. the macros themselves are just text files, easy to edit for different sites.

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