Android Error: Application not licensed

AndroidNo matter how hard you try to keep any of your developed work free from errors, they will keep popping up from strange sources and for strange reasons.

Sometime it is not your fault and you can happily blame the system.

Just received first complaint from a customer complaining that she is getting Application not licensed error while installing the Android App.

The error is clear, Google Play is checking license and for some reason it is not able to find the correct license or for some reason it invalidates the license.

The App is using Google Play licensing for extra security.

Whenever you download an App from Google Play and it has got licence in it, Google Play checks for the licence when you install App o Android device.

So far so good to have a clear understanding of the problem.

So what is the root cause of problem and what is the solution.

It is not possible to pin point the exact cause of the problem without having the problematic device in your hand.

So I’ll suggest following steps one by one. I’ve compiled these solutions from various sources and some of them are my own workarounds.

1) Uninstall and install again

2) Free up some storage or clear cache on your device if it is full and start the App.

Try this step and (1)

3) Reboot device and reinstall

When you reboot the device and reinstall it forces Google Play to check license again.

4) Check that date and time on your device is correctly set

Sometimes an incorrect date settings on your device might cause license failure.

5) Do nothing and wait for 24 hours and then start

After 24 hours Google will check license again.

6) You should use the same Google account for purchase as the one with which you have set-up your Android device.

A quick question pops up, what will happen to the app purchased from another account which is not the same as the one on Android Device? Would he loose the App?

I’m not sure what will happen. May be consolidating the Google accounts into one will work out here?

7) Clear Google Play data

Uninstall, Clear Google Play data, reinstall.

When you clear Google Play data, you will not loose any Google Play settings, except some settings/preferences which you can add again.

How to clear Google Play data

Go to Manage Apps -> Google Play Store

Tap on Clear Data

8) Upgrade the OS

Sometimes older OS version can cause this problem and upgrading to latest OS version will fix the problem. Anyway you should always upgrade the OS.

That’s it I think. Can’t think of any other solutions. If you know of any other solution then don’t hesitate to stick it in the comments and help to save the humanity ;)


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  1. Brenden Avatar

    I just purchased a game on my Android phone and when I launch game it shows this error – Application not licensed.

    I contacted support but couldn’t get immediate response and hence Googled for this error only to find your post.

    For me clearing Google play data worked.

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